Take Action

Problems with DC’s current election system:

1) Candidates can win even if most voters voted for someone else (for example, in a crowded field, the winner often ends up with less than 20% of the vote). This often can result in a winner that most voters don’t support.

2) DC voters are told to “hold their nose” and vote for candidates perceived to be winners instead of voting for who will represent them best. Instead of campaigns focused on issues and equity, campaigns focus on who is “electable”.

3) Communities end up splitting their vote between similar candidates, weakening their collective voting power. Politicians can then pit people against one another instead of doing the hard work to bring us together.

An equitable election solution:

The VOICE Act and Ranked Voting

1) Washingtonians are free to vote their values and choose a candidate who will represent their community best without needing to worry about “who will win”. This gives voters more choice, voice, and power in the process.

2) Diverse communities can build community power together without vote splitting. Politicians are incentivized to bridge our communities, campaign across the District, and build coalitions that reflect the will of the people.

3) Fairer and more equitable representation of our communities because candidates must get a majority of the vote. More voices are heard and more people get to vote for a winner.